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What documents will I need to ship my car or self-propelled machine?

  1. Original title, passport or ID
  2. If you vehicle has a lien (financed) and you are still paying for it; Original Certified Copy of the Title and Financial Institutions Letter authorizing export (both must be signed and notarized)
  3. Newly purchased; Original Title assigned to you by the seller and an Original Bill of Sale
  4. Other equipment will require a notarized bill of sale
  5. Additional documents may be required depending on circumstances and destination

In compliance with the US Customs Regulations to implement Title IV of the Anti Car Theft Act of 1992 and its amendments, the original Certificate of Title will be required for Customs Clearance prior to export of vehicle.

Many foreign governments have regulations that can affect your international vehicle shipment. Please be prepared to show proof of ownership upon arrival at your destination. Any additional import or destination charges are the vehicle owner’s responsibility.

What documents are required to export other cargo (not self-propelled)?

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Detailed packing list
  3. Other documents may be required depending on cargo and destination

Do I need to call an office in my city or region?

    No, Pasha in San Rafael can ship from any city or region in the USA and most of the globe.

How do I know what is required for import ?

    Pasha can guide you through the process and work with you to determine the required paperwork. Call us before you purchase and avoid costly pitfalls.

What is customs and how do I prepare ?

    Whether it’s an import or an export, Pasha can provide guidance and expertise to reduce your uncertainty.

Why does customs want to examine my shipment ?

    Customs agencies worldwide function to make sure the cargo being imported or exported are declared correctly for the safety of their citizens and to procure fair and evenly levied taxes and duties where applicable. Additionally, Customs is the first defense to prevent dangerous or fraudulent items from flooding economies or causing harm to its citizens.

Can I pack my vehicle with my books, clothing and extra parts ?

  1. Roll On/Roll Off prohibits loose items except for properly installed child boosters and car seats
  2. Container loaded vehicles may have loose items, however they must be fully declared and they may be palletized for safety

It is always recommended that you check with the consulate of the foreign country to which you are shipping in advance of shipment to determine any restrictions that might affect your shipment.

For destinations not listed, please contact us at (800) 288-5289 and ask for Pasha International Customer Service or email

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